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Dr. Roxanne Borukhov

Turn to a Trusted Audiologist Serving Queens, NY and Forest Hills, NY

Improving your hearing isn’t something to put off. With our audiologist available to work with you, it may be possible to enjoy a better quality of sound. Our hearing aids in Queens, NY are available to you today. We encourage you to schedule a hearing test with our team at Forest Hills Audiology. Let us help you to restore your hearing so you can communicate again.

Resolving Your Hearing Loss in Queens, NY

If you are having trouble hearing, take action. Many people begin to lose some of their ability to hear as they get older. However, hearing loss can often be improved, and in some cases, restored. Our team works closely with you to fit you for the ideal hearing aid. We offer a comprehensive level of services to meet any of your needs. Meet with our audiologist to discuss anything that is happening to you.

When You Need Hearing Aids in Queens, NY, We Can Help

When the time comes to get a hearing aid, our team offers a wide range of solutions. We encourage you to come in for a fitting. Within a short amount of time, you’ll find options that are both comfortable and highly effective. When you meet with your audiologist, we’ll make recommendations for specific styles of hearing aids right for you.

How to Get Help for Hearing Loss

Schedule an appointment with our audiologist serving Queens, NY and Forest Hills, NY. We are happy to help you get your first hearing test underway in no time. We also work with clients on an ongoing basis to keep your hearing at the best level possible. Come in to see us for a routine check-up or for any other needs you have with your hearing loss.

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