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Dr. Roxanne Borukhov

  • Hearing Aids Maintenance


Hearing Aid Not Working — Troubleshooting Tips

• Receiver Can Be Clogged with Ear Wax — Clean with a Brush and/or a Pick (Behind the Ear Aid)
• Clean Domes with Alcohol
• Change Wax Guard
• Make Sure the Hearing Aid Is on (Insert Fresh Battery)
• Microphone Can Be Clogged
• Volume Control May Be Turned Down
• Check the Battery
- Zinc Air Batteries Have Expiration Dates
- Sticker on the Battery Should Be Taken Off before It’s Inserted Into the Aid
- Should Be Placed in Aid Correctly
- Size 10 (Yellow) — Last 3-5 Days
- Size 312 (Brown) — Last 5-7 Days
- Size 13 (Orange) — Last 10-14 Days


• Change Wax Guard 1x/Per Month

Behind-the-Ear Aids

Clean Rubber Domes with a Cloth or Alcohol Pad - Change 1x Month If Frequent Wax Buildup

In-the-Ear Aids

• Clean with a Cloth Every Day (Wax Guard Should Be Changed 1x Month)


• Hearing Aid Must Be Off the Ear When Sleeping, Showering, Spraying with Hair Spray
• Keep the Aid in the Box — Helps Prevent Loss or Damage
• Keep the Battery Door Open When Off the Ear to Prevent Battery Drainage

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