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Dr. Roxanne Borukhov

Do You Need Hearing Aids In Forest Hills Or Queens, NY?

It can be extremely frustrating to deal with hearing loss and the difficulty in understanding even the most basic communications from family and friends. At Forest Hills Audiology, we offer Diagnostic hearing examinations and tests to patients in Forest Hills and Queens, NY, who are interested in correcting Hearing Impairment. We work closely with our patients to help them achieve their goals and restore their hearing, so they can communicate more effectively again.

Hearing Evaluations | Assess your hearing by scheduling a diagnostic hearing tests at Forest Hills Audiology.
Hearing Health |
Identify signs of hearing loss and stop it in its tracks by maintaining good hearing health.
Maintenance |
Find out how to maintain your hearing aids to make them last as long as possible.

Forest Hills Audiology is located within the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor’s office in Forest Hills, New York. The office has been open for more than 30 Years and provides comprehensive diagnostic audiology and hearing care services for adults and children over the age of 6.

Forest Hills Audiology has a licensed audiologist who is also a licensed dispenser of hearing aids, offering the latest cosmetically appealing styles and advanced digital models. We differ from other hearing providers by having an otologist (an ear specialist) and a state-licensed, ASHA-certified audiologist.

After Dr. Roxanne Borukhov's daughter was born profoundly deaf, she became a recipient of two cochlear implants. She currently attends a gifted and talented program in a regular public-school setting with children who have normal hearing. Her daughter does not implement sign language and is completely oral. The Audiologists who Dr. Roxanne's daughter has been seeing until today have inspired her to help those who are hard of hearing with the use of amplification systems such as hearing aids.

Get Fitted Today

Our audiologist in Forest Hills, NY, can help you determine if hearing aids are the right solution for your needs. When you visit our audiology specialist, we will first perform a test to determine the extent of your hearing loss, so we can recommend the right treatment for your needs. This can include fitting you for hearing aids or performing another medical procedure. We can also help you choose the perfect hearing aid to fit your lifestyle. There are many options when it comes to hearing devices.

We Maintain Your Hearing Health

Getting your hearing aids isn’t the end of your treatment in Forest Hills, NY. Therefore we also help with hearing aid maintenance and encourage our patients to come in for regular check-ups. This will ensure you can hear as clearly as possible. Our audiologist takes great pride in making sure our patients get the care they need to ensure they can feel confident when they need to communicate with family, friends, and others.

Our team of professionals is proud to provide personalized, high-quality hearing care in a dedicated environment.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of those with various hearing impairments.

Health Insurance Plans We Accept

We're providers for MEDICARE, FIDELIS, GHI, CIGNA, UHC (only Empire Plan), METROPLUS and 1199.

Forest Hills Audiology Audiologist & Staff

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